We have selected our seminar/break-out session topics based on the key topics of interest from our members and they have been identified as key challenges for the hardware industry. The seminars are each designed to be interactive workshops or discussion forums to give delegates an in-depth overview of their chosen topic.

Seminars Option 1
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Credit Management
Family Succession
Employee Wellness
Merchandising Techniques

Credit Management

Declan Flood – The Credit Coach, Irish Credit Management Institute


Declan Flood, from Irish Credit Management Training, is recognised as the expert on all aspects of Credit Management in Ireland and beyond. He holds over twenty years’ experience, any credit problem that you could encounter he either has the solution or knows the best person available to help you.

He is recognized as a thought leader in credit worldwide for his total business approach to credit. He believes that credit is not only about getting paid in full and on time, it is also about maintaining excellent customer relationships and finding a way to deliver every order.


Merchandising Techniques

Keith Harford – Keith Harford Business Advisors & Trainers

Keith Harford’s experience extends to over 30 years’ involvement in business. Coming from a family Fishing Business, through the world of Retail, Keith was responsible for launching Ireland’s first Internet Grocery Shopping Service. Keith has also worked in the world of pharmacy, where he and his team managed up to 145 pharmacy outlets and properties.

Merchandising is an integral part of every retail business and its importance to the sector continues to grow. On foot of his hugely successful Merchandising Techniques workshop Keith will deliver a mini workshop on the topic, covering the key dos and don’ts and how small changes can make big differences in influencing your customers to stop, look and buy!

Employee Wellness – Developing a Healthy Workplace Framework

Healthy Ireland

It is widely acknowledged at international level that the workplace is an ideal setting to promote employee health and well-being. The Healthy Workplace provide multiple benefits to employees and employers as well as broader social and economic gains.

The development of the National Healthy Workplace Framework is a priority in the implementation of Healthy Ireland. It recognises that workplaces have the potential to impact on the lives of a significant proportion of the population and currently there are over 2 million in employment in Ireland. It is important to recognise that many workplaces in Ireland have already embraced the health and wellbeing agenda however the development of this new framework creates an opportunity to ensure it becomes embedded in the culture of all workplaces.

This seminar will give employers the information and resources they need to develop a healthy workplace framework for their own organisation.

Family Succession

Ian Lawlor, Michael O’Leary – JPA Brenson Lawlor

The JPA Brenson Lawlor business owner services team guide you through the challenges, opportunities and potential pitfalls of family succession. A Q&A session will follow where delegates can (anonymously) ask the team their questions about the topic and, if they wish, share their experiences.